Saturday, January 28, 2012

Challenge #55

It is so much fun to check out the new challenge each week.  But this week's challenge - use the symbol for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation ( a Moebius strip) - was a real challenge!!  First I had to draw the strip and being a mega-perfectionist that took forever.  I still don't think it looks quite right, but I gave in to what I had and decided to just get started tangling!  I am pretty satisfied with the results.  I have loved looking at the other submissions to the challenge.  They are all so awesome.  I have the Tangle-A-Day calendar and on each Monday, I am doing a version of the challenge.  I won't post the one from the calendar as I used another entry to inspire me.  It's not exact of course, but it definitely shows the inspiration.  : )

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