Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Oh Say Can You See . . .

     No, this isn't a political post about the National Anthem, it is MY new anthem.  I had no idea what a difference this surgery would make (and yes, I know you all told me).  The surgery itself was a touch uncomfortable at times, but not at all what I would call painful.  Unfortunately my A-fib started being rather annoying and I thought they would never be able to start.  I honestly did not feel as nervous as I thought so I was surprised that my heart rate got so wonky.  I went for my first post op visit yesterday and I now have 20/25 without glasses in both eyes.  Certainly better than the 20/400 I had in my right eye.  It is a wonder I could see at all.  Well, if I had not had a pretty good left eye, I guess I would not have seen at all.  I am indeed very blessed in so many ways. 
     The inchie word this week is deer.  There is Bambi and Rudolph.  I just drew a little fellow that wasn't famous.
     The Joey 9 week challenge is finished!!  Yahoo!  I am very pleased with this piece and can't wait to see what she poses for us next!
      Diva's challenge was to use the tangle striping.  I don't really use this one very often, much less in a monotangle.  But here goes -

       I worked a bit on my INKtober challenges this week.

       And here are a few other things I finished up.  

      I found I could draw pretty much the next day after surgery.  The day of surgery I came home and slept a ton!  I still stop frequently and rest my eyes, but I don't know how necessary that is.  The only down side to this has been those EYE drops!  My word, what is in them????  They set my eye on fire.  Three times a day!  He did say I could start cutting back to 2 times for a week and then one.  I am surprised you didn't hear me squealing where you live!  Guess I will close up now and do something else - but what???  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine!  Hugs!!


  1. Love your little deer. So pleased your op was successful. Your tangles are wonderful, love the Joey 9 and the yellow and red one.
    Hugs Wendy

  2. So pleased that your eyesight is SO much better now. What a miracle! I really can't believe how well you have done with your drawing, I have a bit of double vision in one eye and it makes drawing hard! Hoping that the drops are over soon,

  3. Good to hear the surgery was a success. Your artwork certainly is;-) You've been one busy lady and I'm just blown away by your ensemble piece.

  4. Happy for you!! Do what the doc tells you and before you know it, it will be a distant memory...except that you can see!!

    As always, love all your tiles.

    Take care, hear?
    Jocye...who can't spell her own name, sigh.

  5. I love all your work, I am always impressed by your artistic ability. I mean I cant even write my own name and make it look like anything! LOL But seriously I am so glad that you are better and I am glad that you have been keeping yourself busy with art! Beautiful

  6. Good, that the operation was successful and you can see better. I know, how one fells in such situations, because I have been operated on both eyes eight years ago. Now I can see better than in my childhood.
    Congratulations on your many beautiful tiles, especially the mosaic. It looks very elegant with the conrast of black and red. Wonderful!

  7. Nice work, all of them but my favorite is the final result for Joey's challenge. You have finished with a gorgeous Pokeleaf and all the tiles go beautiful together.

  8. I love your infamous little deer, and your artwork is all just wonderfully impressive, but the best bit is reading how successful your surgical intervention has been, congratulations on overcoming your nice that it is behind you and that you are reaping the benefits. Dxx

  9. You were so very busy these last days and with great results. Glad that the op is now in the past and your sight is soooo much better now.

  10. Lovely work! Your Joey mosaic looks very pretty.

  11. Your Mosaic is beautiful and i like the red throughout.

  12. For someone who has been visually impaired I cannot believe the delights that are on your posts from one week to the next! So glad the op went well, don't go tiring the newly restored eyesight too quickly lol.



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