Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Moving forward . . .

     Thanks to all of the encouragement I got and tales of how simple it would be, I went to the eye doctor yesterday.  Four hours!!!  I was exhausted.  First we had the regular eye exam and then they did the pre surgery stuff.  Surgery is scheduled for October 4th.  While I am still nervous, I am not quite as terrified as I had been.  Probably won't sleep the night of but then that is just me.  I am still reeling from the cost.  My insurance will not cover a penny of this due to my unmet deductible.  So it is all out of my pocket.  That is enough to make me sick, but then I look on the bright side and think for once  in my life I will have the ability to cover it, even if it will leave a rather large hole.  I am still blessed.  I am also very ready in some ways to just get this done.  That being said as I sit here nose nearly touching my laptop screen and still seeing a blur. 
     Every Inchie Monday's word was boa.  Unlike a lot of people, I don't fear or mind snakes.  I don't want to see one unaware, but if I know it is there it doesn't bother me.  My brother used to have several different kinds, due to a friendship with a herpetologist.  He had a boa, Maggie, that was nearly 5 feet long!  She was the only one I ever felt comfortable holding.  Her personality was so gentle.  She even came for a visit to my classroom.  The others - much, much smaller - I would never hold. 

     One more snake tale.  Once we were on the playground at school, several classes.  The kids came screaming that there was a snake!  Teachers ran and got kids onto the mulch area and were yelling and carrying on.  The snake was slowly making his way to the mulch.  A child went inside to find the janitor (who by the way was scared to death of snakes).  So I grabbed a long stick and went over to the snake and gently kept pushing it away to change its direction.  No biggie really, but the kids thought I was very brave and a hero!  So funny.  One child even told me I looked just like Steve Irwin!  (We will never tell them that if it had been a mouse, I probably would have run inside and left them to fend for themselves!!)
     Two more weeks to see the end of the Joey project!  I am really loving this.  It is so much fun! Hey, I will be able to actually see it soon!  Lol!

      Diva's challenge was to use "Crazy Nzeppel".  I love this tangle and I found I like this variation even better!

      A couple of things from my sketch book. 

      I am now in the process of learning how to use a Wacom tablet and Corel Painter Essentials.  I am loving it but need to get a lot better.  I love learning new things.
     Before I forget - I would love to have a "chop" for my initials.  Any of you creative souls have any ideas?? I don't have interesting initials like some (or at least I don't think so).  My initials are CSC.  Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Guess it is time to head off to something else!  Thanks for dropping by!  Hugs!


  1. Very impressive Cathy I say it every time but I think your work is growing so much!

  2. Love your inchie and your snake stories, also seeing your journal pages...amazing, especially as your are having visual issues...think what a change you will notice once this hurdle is behind you! Re the chop, I found an article a while back when I was contemplating making a stamp for some of my artycrafty efforts...I don't know if you have access to Illustrator, if you do here is the link...you may have to copy & paste into your browser...
    I haven't made mine yet but I have had a play...Dxx

  3. I love your smiley snake - she does look gentle. Your zentangles are amazing - I love how Joeys project is turning out - it really is stunning and your other work makes me want to do it - I just can't seem to get the hang of the shading which is what brings it all to life. Lovely work and am so glad you are not so worried about your op. In several weeks time hopefully you'll be saying "why didn't I get this done ages ago!!" Not long to wait though. Love Jenny

  4. I like your Diva tile, a lot! I am so much like you Cathy, so afraid of things like this operation. I, who has never been operated in my 69 years, with a husband who had so many. It feels stupid, but .... it's just me. One thing is sure, in about a week it will be done for you and .... your sight will be soooo much better!

  5. Good luck with your operation. Your apprehension is, of course, totally normal, but I can understand how you are ready to address the problem. Our vision is so integral to our art. I really like the depth you achieved for your Diva challenge tile. I'm still working on my shading techniques. I really enjoyed your snake story. When I was an overnight camp counselor I had to pretend to be brave about all sorts of wildlife that made it into our cabin, especially large spiders. Shudder. I'm including a link to a possible chop i came up with using your initials. To say it's not very imaginative would be an understatement. I'll blame that on my law degree. I can get pretty literal. http://www.boomeresque.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/20170927_140433-1-e1506535706204.jpg

  6. Great art and a wonderful snake tale!


  7. Thanks for such a great blog post. Sending healing thoughts for your upcoming surgery. All of your work is wonderful, as usual. I'm just loving your Joey ensemble. That is definitely frame worthy;-)

  8. Very nice tiles, Cathy. I will be thinking positive thoughts for an easy procedure and quick recovery!

  9. Love the bravery! Wow. I stepped on a gardener snake when I was a kid and lost my mind! You rock! Prayers for your recovery. Love the art it is beautiful

  10. Love this black and white plus red/crimson take on this challenge. Stronges.

  11. Lovely tiles. I really like your Joey one.


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