Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

    Lots of challenge fun this week.  I always start with the inchie - I love that one so much!  This week's word was alligator. 
     Made By Joey has a guest blogger, Susan Theron.  We were to use tangles that started with the letters j/v/o.  The string is a J for Joey!  My tile looks sort of mish mosh, but here goes anyway.  I used jazz-e-flower, jubel, vitrail too, verve, and on-two-three.
     Diva has a guest blogger also, Suzanne Fluhr.  She has a lovely tangle called aloha.  I really enjoyed playing with this one and will probably use it in the future.

     Last of the challenges this week was the Facebook daily one.  This has been a lot of fun and gives me a quick daily tangle to work on. 
     Here are a few other things I have been working on the last few days - loving time to cut with my cricut!
Perpetual calendar made from paper

Exploding box - outside

Inside of exploding box

My favorite!  These are going to be filled with spices and go into a kitchen drawer.  I have 2 more boxes to go!
     Hope your week is filled with blessings and fun!  Thanks for dropping by! 


  1. Ah Cathy your inchies always have such a personality to them! Great entries for Joey's and Diva Challenge as well. Your spices are looking good. Did I ever tell you I try to keep mine in alphabetical order? Mine are in a roundabout in my cupboard and can go 5 deep so it definitely helps me when trying to locate them!

  2. You were quite busy! Love your Aloha.

  3. Love your "walligator"!


  4. All of your work is lovely, especially the Diva piece. The contrast and composition is quite striking;-)

  5. Lots of nice things going on here, Cathy! I especially like how you used Aloha. Lovely!

  6. busy! Your Aloha is sweet and antidots is a great choice to go with it!

  7. So many things! A great busy week for you!

  8. Lovely work Cathy, very organic challenges!

  9. Such a lot of wonders to see today. I once made one of those calendars and took forever to make it

    Love the fun inchie

    Chrissie xx

  10. You've been busy! I like your Aloha and Joey's tile!


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