Thursday, August 3, 2017

First day of . . . well, school

    Hard to believe school starts today for my county.  It is so early.  I really liked the year we started after Labor Day.  That was so nice.  Of course, this year it is not my concern but I do feel for those with such a short vacation period.  And to have to return in the heat!  Yuck!  And while I haven't missed the first day of school at all, I did find myself trying to get my brother and Lakota walk on the second tile and in single file.  I did what I could then simply took their recess for not listening!  Old habits die hard, I guess.
     Every Inchie Monday's challenge word was rhino.  I found this cute baby rhino on google so I decided I would draw him.  He looks quite harmless!
      Here is my challenge for Made by Joey - we were supposed to place tangles over top tangles.  I think this works.

      For the Diva challenge we had to combine diva dancing and Lisbon.  Don't tell but this is my second start - I got a bit "confused" with the over under thingie! 

      The daily tangle challenge over at Facebook continues to be a lot of fun.  These are my last three pages. 

      Now I am off to work on my spice drawer.  I am painting jar lids and going to put vinyl on them for the names of the spices.  Then they are going to go into a spare drawer.  I will show pics when done.
      Thank you for dropping by and I hope you are having a blessed day!


  1. School summer vacation doesn't seem to last as long as it did when I was a kid. We got out around the first week of June and went back on the first Tuesday after Labor Day. Of course, kids today have to start school at a younger age, and they have SO much more to learn about than we did. I'm glad I'm not in school, lol.

    Anyway, as usual, Kathy, your tangles are great. I've had some trouble with the one from Joey's challenge. Looks like you nailed it, tho. And I LOVE your Diva's challenge! Everything just flows. And of course, your little rhino is adorable!!


  2. Oh my your tiles are lovely. I love the foresty feel of your lisbon fragment tile!

  3. Those tiles are beautiful! I love the symmetry of the dancing in Lisbon one. ADORE!!! and that baby rhino, sooo cute!

  4. Indeed, this Lisbon Fragment was (and is) not very easy! You've done well I think.

  5. You did a great job with all the tiles on this page. And a clever DIVA idea.

  6. Some lovely art as always and such a CUTE 🦏!


  7. I hope this works my replies on Google are not usually going through! Lovely work this week Cathy thank you for taking part in my challenge. You achieved some nice depth there. We both had a similar idea on the Diva Challenge, it was much harder than I thought it would be! Congrats!

  8. So nice to hear that you are enjoying your first not back to school day. May you have many many more!
    Nice tiles, and I especially like how your Diva Dance spills out of your Lisbon Fragment.

  9. Your diva dance looks like rivers channeled into the Lisbon fragment -cool!

  10. All of your work is really lovely! I especially love your Diva piece. The spilling Diva Dance is wonderful;-)


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