Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Where the Buffalo Roam . . .

    Every Inchie Monday's word was buffalo.  I enjoyed looking at some google pictures of these majestic creatures before starting to draw.  They are so beautiful out on the plains grazing. 
    I haven't been very creative otherwise this week.  A little coloring, some tangling.  My lab work came back, by the way, okay.  Nothing irregular or otherwise.  My A1c is up a bit so my doctor monkeyed with my meds, upping them some.  I have been getting better fasting sugars, but I also am so nauseated I could scream.  It has left me a bit drained.  The pharmacist said back off and gradually up the meds.  Made more sense to me.  I just wish this aggravated stomach would go away.  Not fun.
     I also have been having some cooking (well, that is creative) fun with my new Instant Pot pressure cooker.  I don't think we have had the oven on since our purchase.  It does everything but the dishes - and I really wish it did those!  It makes the best sugar free cheese cake ever!  Not to mention a wonderful roast. 
     See you later - I may have to work on some other challenges.  Thank you for dropping by!


  1. Glad to hear that your results were OK. Rest up and take care, nausea can be so debilitating. I had to look your pressure cooker up as I hadn't heard of them...I am a little chary of anything that creates a pressure...my mother was a great user of pressure cookers for soups, stock and stews etc. and I was always wary of the hissing, steaming beasts and have a few stories such as when I had to help her clean pea and ham soup from walls, ceiling and benches when she was a little impatient in getting the pressure down...yours sounds pretty civilised though! Your buffalo is very realistic...Dixx

  2. Glad that things are getting better for your health. Cooking is super creative! I love your buffalo. So much detail.

  3. Lovely inchie. I hope your heath improves and you loose the nausea.

  4. It's awful when you feel horrid and can't find out what's wrong but at least the lab report is good - hopefully changing your meds might help - fingers crossed for you and hope you feel better soon - I get vertigo and with it sometime nausea and it isn't pleasant so my heart goes out to you, however you've done a great job with your buffalo - very well drawn and looks real but rest up and only do what you can so you can get well. X

  5. Good to read that the health front is looking up and I know what you mean about dishes ....I'm so glad I have a dishwasher here at the chalet!



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