Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Bit Warm

     It is a bit hot outside today, this week.  Temps up to 100 degrees1  I really don't do heat.  I like mild - not too hot, not too cold - weather.  So inside tangling I shall be!
     Every Inchie Monday's word is "fly".  The word "fly" instills instant action and fear at our house!  My beautiful big, BIG lab mix, Lakota, goes into a panic attack whenever he hears a bug buzzing.  Why?  I haven't a clue.  The moment we see or hear one, we run and grab the gate to keep him out of the bedrooms.  If we move too slow or don't see it first, Lakota runs toward one of the bedrooms as fast as he can and either gets wedged between the wall and bed, where he does not fit and gets stuck, or jumps onto one of the beds and stands around up there making a disaster of covers.  He also when outside if a bug bothers him will go dashing into the house.  I do not know where this zoned out fear comes from.  I have seen this dog growl and stare down a pit, and put himself between a "suspicious" person and my brother when they were walking.  He is 110 pounds of muscle . . . and he totally panics when there is a bug near him.  Go figure!
     Made by Joey's guest blogger, Michele Wynne, asked us to use a string by Margaret Bremner.  I really like this string and may play around with it some more beyond this challenge.  I also had some lovely zen time just tangling.  With the exception of one tangle, chaist, I just went with what was in my head and didn't look anything up. 
Tangles: verve, cadent, n'zeppel, chaist, shattuck, paradox, with chard as a background.
     Diva's guest blogger, Jessica, wanted us to focus on the heart.  Her samples on Diva's site are totally awesome.  I decided to go round this challenge.  I looked up tangles with heart shapes and played with some of those. 

     For my daily Facebook challenge, I made a huge bobble on the center piece.  So I worked on a brown tile and glued it into my calendar!  I don't usually like to do that but hey, I problem solved!
   I also worked a day ahead because I have to be out tomorrow and knew I would not have time.  I get to go and find out about my lab work - wish me luck.  I seem to have shaken the overpowering anxiety, but still . . . It is routine so I really should not stress so.  Let go and let God!
    I hope you are having a great week and it is not too hot where you are!  Thank you for dropping by and saying hello.  I love your comments and encouraging words.  They truly brighten my day.


  1. Beautiful art Cathy! Thanks for taking on my challenge at Made by Joey. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The result is Fab!

  2. Really lovely Tangles this week Cathy! Hope you had great results of your tests.

  3. Totally LOVE your little FLY! So cute! Feel really badly for Lakota. Wonderful tile using Margaret's string! I haven't tried it yet... now I must! I love your Diva heart tile too! So feminine and delicate! A little secret.... I've done this same "creative repair" artwork too!! :)

  4. I also have a big dog that just falls apart when there are fireworks or if it thunders. Don't you wish you could talk to them for just a few minutes. I hate to see them so afraid.
    Anyway,your tiles are all very nicely done. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for your test results!

  5. Love that you went round with #DC324 this week. And the heart shaped tangles are great! Thanks for participating.

  6. Wow, beauties all and a non scary looking fly! The thought of your dog getting spooked....mine does too but it's rattling trucks & trailers that set him off! Thank god we live in a quiet area & they are few & far between. Temperatures are up for me as we have arrived at the chalet...low to mid twenties so still bearable.


  7. Amazing artwork as always so clever I think.

    The little fly is so sweet I couldn't swat that one at all.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Love your heart and love your rope, Cathy. Your nzeppel rope string stands out as a perfect contrast to the other tangles and the heart tangles you found definitely enhance a heart string. Well done.

  9. Lakota and my hubby would get on well,they could get into a panic together. Love your little fly and the zens are fabulous. I don't think I could cope with those high temperatures either.
    Wendy x

  10. gosh these are all so pretty! My favorite actually is the "fixed boo boo" on your calendar...great job!

  11. Lovely post with so much interesting art work...your cute little fly is almost sweet ;) - I can relate to your dog, I can behave in a very similar way when I see a (spider) if there is someone about, I am much braver when I am alone with the monster and a long handled broom... then I can get it outside before it gets me! Dixx

  12. Prayers for the lab work and your art this week is awesome! Maybe Lakota is afraid of the buzzing, it might hurt Lakotas ears?!?


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