Saturday, May 27, 2017

This is it!

    This past week I walked out of a building that I had been in for a very long time.  Even if I sub or go back to just visit, it won't be the same.  There are so many new people coming on board next year, I won't know anyone.  We have had about 9 people leave for one reason or another.  That is a big turnaround.  It will feel changed and very strange.
     I got through most of this week without being too emotional.  Monday the staff had a luncheon for me - my "Endless Summer" party.  It was so nice and I got lots of gift cards (art supplies here I come!). 
This cake was almost too pretty to cut!  But it was sooo good!
One of my several lovely gifts

     Then on Tuesday the county where I work had a brunch for all the people retiring.  That was nice, but less emotional because I knew less people personally. 
The superintendent, me and my principal

      Now on to some art work!  I had to get my inchie done.  The word was panda.  Isn't she a cutie?  I love pandas.  They are so cuddly looking. 

      Made by Joey's letter is U.  I used the tangles unme and up and away.  We are almost through the alphabet.  I wonder what will be next???

      The last piece is for no reason, I just needed to tangle awhile.  I used my water colors to do a random background and then drew my tangles.  I used colored pencils to shade the tangles. 

      I guess I need to decide what I want to do with the rest of my afternoon.  I can't decide between painting, tangling or designing some things to cut on the cricut.  Ah, such tough decisions!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope to get around to more of the blogs myself . . .  now. 


  1. Well, Cathy, congratulations, and welcome to Endless Holidays, a time when it won't matter if you can't decide what to do, because you will have time to figure it out later on, and can go do something else that you didn't even realize you wanted to do!! It's a wonderful life, trust me!

    Anyway, your panda is adorable. My favorite teddy bear wasn't a teddy, he was a panda. Precious!!

    I love both your tangles. Your "just because" tangle is awesome, I love the way you used the colors.



  2. Congratulations! Enjoy your never ending creative time! Yes we are nearing the end of the alphabet challenges but I have something special up my sleeve!
    Take care,
    ~ joey ~

  3. Enjoy your retirement!

  4. Welcome to retirement and congratulations on having the craft store spending on the near horizon.....more art is always fun! Cute inchie :-)


  5. Best time of my life once we were both retired! Remember how you'd never have time to get everything done you wanted? Well we still don't we are busier now than when we both worked. I finally dragged my hubby on a cruise which he didn't want to take an now we try to go twice a year (check out vacations to not as expensive as I thought they were). We also participate in the local community center and do one day bus trips to see theater. Enjoy your retirement!

  6. Lovely panda. Enjoy your retirement, I highly recommend it. You'll soon wonder how you found time to go to work.

  7. Lovely tiles. I am retired and sometimes my days are so full that I have joked that I have to go back to word, because I am too busy.


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