Saturday, February 4, 2017

E is for Eeyore!

    Okay the inchie word is not Eeyore.  It was donkey.  But he is my very favorite donkey.  He's so sad and lovable.  I just want to pick him up and find a way to make him happy.  So for my inchie (donkey) I used Eeyore. 
     I honestly don't have any donkey stories. . . This is one critter I have never owned.  But I wouldn't mind having one of those mini ones.  They are just so cute.
     The alphabet tile is for the letter E.  Didn't that work perfectly with Eeyore?!  I wonder how many more weeks will fit together this way?  I used the tangles el prado and emingle.
      This has been a rough week.  I am hoping for some rest this weekend and a better week coming.  Our school has been hit by the germs this past week.   Strep, the flu, bronchitis, you name it!  For three days this week I have only had a dozen kids in my room!  Hard to push on with missing that many.  I went in most of the week feeling really bad, but getting a sub is next to impossible.  We had 13 adults out on Friday alone.  I really hoping for wellness this coming week!
      Thank you for dropping by and I hope you are having a great weekend! 


  1. I adore Eeyore, and you did a great job with him. You did a great job with the "e," also. I also used emingle with the el prado!! "Two great minds," yada yada yada, lol!

    Hoping you feel better, and that there is much less sickness in your life this coming week,


  2. Your Eeyore is also very cute and a lot happier than mine ;-) He's my favorite Pooh-character.


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