Thursday, February 9, 2017

Beautiful day!

    I am in a great mood!  I have attended a retirement conference and am moving forward with that.  It is really going to happen.  I have filled out social security so that is going to be coming soon.  Our school system was closed for the next two days due to illness.  Not only are the kiddos sick but teachers are too and subs can't be found.  Seems even in this computer age they can't do without us, yet. 
     I also just got two different facebook messages about purchasing some items from me!  My goal (dream) is to have a small business for retirement.  I want something to keep me busy - active.  And yes of course a bit of crafting cash wouldn't be a problem either.  When I get it all set up I will put it on this blog so you can drop by and say hello!  Keep your fingers crossed I actually make a sale! 
     The inchie word this week is pig.  I thought of Charlotte's Web and Wilbur.  My brother suggested Napoleon the pig from Animal Farm.  And of course there is Porky!  My pig is none of the above really, just a cute pink pig!
      The Diva Challenge was to use the tangle hamadox.  I had not tried this one before but I do really like it.  It has such a swirly fancy feel to it.
        Made by Joey's challenge was the letter F and the tangle, festune.  I also added fat-x and feather touch. 
     Yesterday my furbaby turned 9!  Where does time go?  I just brought him home from the pound a few moments ago!  He has turned into such a wonderful dog.  He was quite a rowdy puppy and there were times we questioned our sanity for going with a puppy.  Prior to him we had a 19 year old dog.  I had forgotten how much work a puppy could be.  But it was fun.  And he is so special to me.
No flash, please, I am trying to sleep!
      Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you are having a very blessed day!  I am really envious of those of you who have snow.  I think winter is going to pass us up this year.  Feel free to send me some!


  1. Terrific artwork and inchie

    Good luck with your business venture

    Love Chrissie x

  2. Great tiles and what a cute fur baby! So jealous that you are going to get to retire soon. Still have a ways to go, and with hubs, who knows when I will actually get to.

    1. I never thought I would either - hang in there!

  3. Love the feather touch tangle, will be adding that one to my pattern book! Your pup is so sweet, I so miss having an animal to love!

  4. Lovely,funny ichie and beautiful drawn tiles, my favorite is the one for Joey.
    Your dog seems to me a wonderful creature, his eyes... They are our best friends, you will get so much from them!

  5. Lovely tiles and it is always so great when fellow tanglers share pictures of their furkids. I have 2 and I love mine so much.

  6. Cute pig, and I love your Hamadox. I am so happy for you that you will retire soon. Just don't be surprised at the fact that you will have less time to do anything. Why? I don't know, but it seems to happen to all of us :) (It could be that those of us who worked from morning 'til night just keep doing it, LOL!)

  7. These are all so much fun! The feathery one in your F challenge tile is pretty neat. Cool about having someone want to buy your art!

  8. Beautiful Hamadox! Love your puppy pic!

  9. Hamadox is beautiful but your dog is even more beautiful :-) Believe me, after retiring an whole new life will show itself to you!!

  10. Love the detail and the swirly pattern made by your Hamadox. Happy birthday to your fur baby.

  11. Fab artwork and I well understand your comment about getting a puppy...they are indeed a lot of work! Our turned 6 a few weeks ago!


  12. love the artwork! The furbaby is adorable!

  13. Your pig is very cheerful (as pigs should be) and your artwork is just lovely...good luck with all your plans (and have fun)...Dixx


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