Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I am back!!

    I have decided I am highly allergic to 6 in the morning.  I am serious.  I would function so much better at 9 or 10.  But no matter here I sit at my desk at 7, trying to decide how to get my in-service day going.  I have a lot to do, but breakfast comes first.
    When I saw the inchie words for 2017 I was delighted - all animals!  I love animals and have stories for some of them, so this will be fun!  The first word was rabbit.  My brother and I have had several pet rabbits through out our lives.  I love them.  I would like to one day own a lop ear bunny - they are so cute.  Our school science teacher has a gorgeous white rabbit that runs lose in her room all day.

     I had time to do one challenge yesterday after I finished my school work.  I did Joey's challenge.  I love alphabet challenges so this one was fun!  I would list the tangles that begin with A that I chose, but they are at home and I am (sadly) not there.

     I hope you had a wonderful new year's eve!  I had a very low key one which I am grateful for.  I am excited about the changes this year will bring.  More about those later when I have more time.  Take care and thanks for dropping by!


  1. Love your rabbit and the tangled A. Have a happy and healthy 2017.

  2. Hi, Cathy,

    Cute rabbit...I went for the ears, also, as I can't really draw "real" things, just tangles.

    And your "A" tangle is lovely, I love the tangles you used, as well as the colors.

    Have a great 2017!

  3. Like you I had a rabbit when I was growing up....1 jumped off the balcony, the second one ran away from home & the third we had to give away when we moved countries. This little guy reminds me of the ones I see in the woods when I'm out with my golden retriever. Very A tangle too :-)


  4. love the rabbit, it is so cute. I like the alphabet tangle as well

  5. Love your bright and cheerful A tile. Your rabbit looks cute too.

  6. Very nice rabbit and lovely A tile :-)

  7. He's a really lovely rabbit - reminds me of a buck I once had when I used to breed silver fox rabbits - he's got real character. Beautiful A tile too - love the colours


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