Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cats and other things

      If I took the time to tell you about all the cats in my past, well, you might have to read this in installments.  A few cat stories stand out in my mind.  One is my grandfather's cats.  He lived on a farm next door to us.  At feeding time he would come out of the house with a pan of scraps and such.  The moment the screen door slammed, and he yelled "here, kitty" the entire back yard was filled with cats.  They came pouring from the barn, out of trees, from under cars and everywhere possible.  There were about 20 of them.  They lived all over the farm and most you couldn't pet.  But Papa always fed them and they kept the mice out of the barns and feed.  Kittens were born frequently and occasionally we could make a pet out of one, but not often. 
     One cat that we had as a pet was Little Bit.  A gentleman gave her to us in order to rescue her from his hunting dogs.  She never got any bigger than a large kitten.  She had a hole in the roof of her mouth and so she couldn't meow.  Instead she made a funny "psst" sound like she was trying to get your attention.  She also was not afraid of anything.  We watched her chase our big dog.  She also took off one day after our horse and ran him around good!  What a tiger!
      Lots more cats.  Lots of memories.  One little inchie. 

      Last year I didn't get my Carole Ohl calendar and I missed it something terrible.  It is my spot to tangle and doodle and journal in.  I enjoy the format.  I decided to decorate one page with some plants and things just for the fun of it.  No rhyme or reason.

      The Diva challenge was to use the tangle "drawings".  Okay.  I don't like this tangle.  I think probably beyond this challenge it won't get a lot of use from me.  It is pretty.  I just don't think I do a very good job.

      The letter C was Made by Joey's challenge.  We had to use the tangle catkins.  I also used c-wing.  I am going to use color for this alphabet challenge.  Mostly because with my new pencils and paints, I want to play.

      I guess I should go now.  For those of you who do facebook, I am trying to set up a facebook business page to sell some of my arts and crafts.  When I do get it up and going, I would LOVE for you to follow it and share it to any of your friends.  I hope to have a small business when I get ready to retire. 
     Thanks for coming by!  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Wonderful collection of tiles. I love your use of color.

  2. Love the cat stories:-) never owned one but nearly did about 15 years ago - a teeny tiny ginger that was feral, 2-3 weeks old! He went to a friend who had cats, sheep & horses....he turned into the most beautiful humongous ginger ever!


    Ps I'm on Facebook

  3. Lovely work! The sketch book is fantastic! I love colour too and you are right, this alphabet challenge seemed to call for it.
    ~ joey ~

  4. I love all your tiles and the cat is cute. I also love the kitty story.

  5. Nice tiles. I think I'll have to get myself a Carole Ohl calendar too.

  6. I really enjoyed your cat story. My aunt had a big farm and the banging of the pans with cats coming out from everywhere brought back some nice memories for me too. Challenges are great in that they push us to at least try tangles. Each one can't be our favorite. And, there's almost too many out there now to even remember to use half of them :)

  7. Lovely blog post! I don't usually take the time to read longish posts, especially if they contain challenges I don't participate in, but you caught me with your cat story! I love cats. I know what you mean about Drawings… not my favourite either. However, you have it tucked nicely in a celebration of other tangles. Looks like a garden party!

  8. I love cats so adored your cat recollections - sounds like great memories. Great cat inchie but I love your doodle page - it shows you just let yourself go and did as you wanted and is beautiful. And I love your dra-wing tangle tile too - I must admit I'm not a great lover of that tangle but I think you have executed it with style - some great tiles

  9. A wonderful post and so goid yhe read yhe cat stories stunning artwork and inchie

    Love Chrissie

  10. Wonderful pieces of artwork! All of them! And such a cute cat-inchie!

  11. Great post! I love your cat story. All of your art here is delightful. I especially love the calendar ZIA.

  12. Drawings will never (as least that's what I think now) be a friend of mine. Don't exactly know why, but that is what I feel. Your tile is lovely however. And cats ...... LOVE them.


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