Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yeah! Diane Clancey's alphabet challenge is back!

   Back in the "old" days, I remember walking to the mailbox and checking each day for something exciting - a letter, a catalog, anything really.  As a child I loved getting mail.  Mom gave me all her "junk" mail.  I guess for awhile, I may have thought my name was "occupant".  It was always such a disappointment when that box was empty.  I sort of felt the same these past few weeks when I would wander over to Diane Clancey's site.  I love the alphabet challenge and when it wasn't there, I felt my childlike disappointment all over again.  So I was tickled pink when I found it up and running yesterday.  Yahoo!
    We had to use the letters, A#X for our tangles.  I chose arabel, 8sams, and xyp.  I had so much fun with this and really needed some zen.  It has been a very emotional week.  I have a beautiful child in my classroom - who I adore, that has a very severe anger problem.  We can't see it coming and some issues have happened this week that have been rough for them and their classmates.  I just want to help and I seriously do not have a clue how to help.  So I needed some calming zen for me.
  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  Thanks for dropping by. 

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