Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Two challenges

    I just don't seem to have a spare moment lately.  Know the feeling?  There are at least a hundred projects or more I want to dig into and I seem to get nowhere.  School is really busy now - so much to do there I can't keep up.  Or maybe I am moving slower - probably that.
    I did pull out my much loved gel pens and do my inchie for Every Inchie Monday.  The word was earth.  I really love the sparkle on this one.  Of course I had inspiration as this last week I took my class to the planetarium.  Oh my goodness they loved it.  One little boy just kept going on and on about how much he wanted to go again.  I love it when experiences like that are available.

    I remember one time during one of my first years of teaching, I planned to take my very small church school group to the mall to a petting zoo they had set up in the center.  I had ten children in my mixed age group class (I was the only teacher - yikes a one room school).  So I piled my crew into my volkswagen van and off we went.  The moment we stepped inside, a little first grader named DP was in total amazement but not at the animals.  As he said of the bunnies, pigs and such, "I see those all the time in the back yard."  It was the mall.  We had to ride the escalator, go up and down in the elevator and walk around to every store so he could see all this "wonderment".  He lived up on a nearby mountain and this was like entering a foreign world.  That was close to 40 years ago and I have often wondered where DP is.  I hope life has been kind to that precious boy and he has seen lots of "wonderment" in his life.
    The other challenge I completed was one for Diane Clancy. We had to use tangles that began with the letters FUN.  I used fengle, florz, nzeppel, and up and across.  Lots of fun to work on.

    Thank you for dropping by and indulging my trip down memory lane.  I hope you are having a wonderful day and it is full of sunshine, and of course a bit of "wonderment" for you!!  Hugs!


  1. Wonderful story. I often wonder what happened to former students myself. I love the side view of the earth, and your tile is nicely composed as well!

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  5. It is cool to think about kids we influenced in the past. I think of the kids in my past that I helped to influence and still to this day they remind me of how much I meant to them. It warms my heart to know that. What a blessing it is to be a teacher and see it every day. Your art this week is beautiful but the memory is priceless and thank you for sharing it with us

  6. Wonderful post story and a great inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. as a former teacher I know how all consuming it can be - and rewarding. love you side view of the earth with the stars too.

  8. Wonderful pieces and story!


  9. My first time in a mall was quite the same to me. I didn't knew these huge shopping centers. They are quite own universes.
    Love your earth inchie.


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