Monday, November 4, 2013

Dare #79

     Erin asked us this week for our template to think about how thankful we are for zentangle and it's founders.  I sort of stumbled onto zentangle messing around on the internet one evening.  I decided to look up some books on Amazon.  Did a lot more research on the internet and here I am.  I love the confidence it has given me - in my art, certainly, but just as much in other areas of my life.  And confidence is one thing I struggle with daily.  I love the friends I have made through this awesome art.  I feel as though I am truly a part of an artistic community and that thrills my soul to pieces.  I have always been told by people I am an artist, but never really felt it.  Now I can seriously say I am an artist and mean it.
     I decided to take the letters of the word zentangle to find tangles to use on the template.  I have a HUGE green binder with tangles I have found through various resources.  I used some official tangles of Rick and Maria, some come from my Suzanne McNeill books, and others from a few of the many wonderful artists I have "met" on the internet.  I used - Zedbra, Eyeballs, Nzeppel, Tipple, Amaze, Ninepatch, Golven, Laced, Esses.

     Thank you for dropping by and I hope you have a wonderful week filled with smiles!


  1. Very beautiful, the border is great too.

  2. You really do some great work in gray-scale! This is awesome!

  3. wow pretty I really like the border

  4. Beautiful work, love the ZENTANGLE tangle combinations. Great shading and your Golven frame sets it off perfectly.

  5. Beautiful. Lots of great patterns and harmony. And the border is very effectful.


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