Friday, November 22, 2013

Challenge #145

     The new tangle "quib" is lovely!  I love the flowing lines and the feel it gives a piece.  I didn't have a hard time doing the tangle, I just struggled how to make it work on a tile for me.  It is a tangle I will want to use a lot more that this one time.
     I teach an after school art club each week at my school.  I allow 3rd - 5th graders to sign up.  Then I am faced with the hard task of choosing around 18 to participate.  I say hard because I usually have around 80 + to sign up.  Lots of times I will just put the names in a bag and draw them out.  In years past I have done a variety of arts and crafts.  This year, I decided on tangling exclusively.  Overall, I have some very talented and dedicated young tanglers.  I challenged them last week to look around their world at patterns.  Then to find one and come up with the step-out.  I told them if they did and could "teach" me the tangle I would post it here on my blog.  So without further ado - "TA-DA"!
     Zoe was the only one to have a go at my challenge.  She is a 5th grader and a very talented artist.  I am proud of her work, not only here but in all of the pieces she has done for class.  I hope you enjoy Zoe's hard work!
     Ah, we are cruising down on Thanksgiving break!  Yeah!  I am so looking forward to resting, working on Christmas presents and getting the house clean and ready for my Christmas tree.  Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.


  1. Your Quib is lovely, I like the black orbs in it.
    Compliments for Zoe!!!

  2. Love the black pearls on the quib strands, and tell Zoe that her tangle is great! I have been teaching kids tangling too, and currently have an enrichment class that is only doing that. I hadn't thought about challenging them to come up with a tangle. I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving break! Have a good one!


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