Sunday, June 16, 2013

This and that

      Summer is cruising along at a slow, steady pace.  Emphasis on slow.  I love this pace.  I have accomplished a few things.  I cleaned the dining room.  That was not a small thing.  It was our "throw it here, we will sort it out later" room.  Well, it got to be "later".  It took the better part of two days, but this room is now clean, rearranged into a second computer room and functional.  Every time I walk through it, I am pleased.  My summer plan is to clean and purge the rest of the house of things not needed. 
     When not scrubbing, I took time to tangle (of course).  Roy at Mindful-Creations (see sidebar) had us use the tangle hollibaugh for the monotangle challenge.  I like this tangle - sort of.  I drew a circle as my string then filled it with hollibaugh.  It reminded me of a rubber band ball I have in my desk at school.  I then used that pencil background technique I used a bit ago on something else.  I also tried to fill in the spaces of hollibaugh trying to make it show depth - not sure that was accomplished. 
      Erin at the Bright Owl was back!  I really missed her last week.  She is a big part of my week.  The template was really a challenge.  I got started and just could not get happy with it.  The first one is not my favorite, but I do like the area I used the tangle - Maelstrom by Linda Dawson.  I am loving that tangle.  So much that I had to use it on the second template try.  I also put to use some of the grid ideas on this one.  Which do you think is better?  I lean toward number two.
      Thank you for dropping by.  I need to go and get my inchie done for tomorrow.  The word is "light".  How do I do that?!  We shall see.  Have a great day!


  1. Wow, Cathy, I love your Hollibaugh! Beautiful background too.
    My favorite for the zendala is the first one; I love the way it makes your brain work (to see one form or another)!

  2. Very interesting interpretations. The last one is my favorite.

  3. I love them both but must say I also am drawn more to the second on because of the depth and details!

    DayLee Doodler #5

  4. all three are nice but I think I like the last one best

  5. WOW, fantastic work! Love all your linework.

  6. I just love your last entry - it's so intricate and the black section really makes it look like you're looking into the center of a multi-fasceted structure. And I agree with loving Maelstrom!

  7. I really like them both! I can't choose a favourite.


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