Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dare #60

         Erin at the Bright Owl this week asked us to go back and find a template we were not crazy about and revisit it.  For the most part I love the templates, but every now and then, there is a bit of a "stinker".  Template number 50 was a such a template.  I couldn't get happy the first time around with those "claw like" pieces.  So this time I totally covered them.  I like this version better, but in all fairness it is still not a huge favorite of mine.
        Tomorrow hopefully will be my last day before summer break.  I say hopefully because I have a ton of things to clean out and move since I am changing rooms.  I have been in the same room for about 12 years and to make matters worse, I am a bit of a pack rat!  I am throwing away more than most people have in their cupboards.  At the very latest, Tuesday will be the last day - though I still have my fingers crossed for tomorrow.
        Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine!  Have a great week!


  1. Love this Zendala!! So graceful and beautiful!

  2. Very beautiful, I like the Pokeleaf and -root in it.

  3. This one is gorgeous, and I agree with you about the "claws".

  4. I love it! you do a great Pokeleaf and you've finished the edge beautifully with one of my favourite tangles :)

  5. This is very beautiful. I like black and white contrast.
    Have a nice summer vacation!

  6. Really pretty! Nice balance between all of your patterns! The edging around the circle is especially nice, too. Have an enjoyable summer. :)

    Be creative and catch some happy!

    Jacque Solomon

  7. This is beautiful! I like the way the tangles are just seperated by the black and not lines. This gives me ideas for a harvest-type Zendala!

  8. Like the Poke Leaf and Poke Root with the black background. Like your border. Recognize it but do not remember the name.


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