Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekend Madness

     Back to the grind of school work!  I have spent nearly all day working on plans.  Hopefully I will get in my groove soon.  I would love to cut out weekend work altogether.  At least most of it. 
     I have my inchie done!  The word was dolphin.  I love those creatures.  One of my "one day wishes" is to swim with one.  One of my students got to do just that over the summer.  I am clearly envious.  
     The only other challenge I could get to this week was the one for Diane Clancy's site.  I meant to do others but just seemed to be too tired.  We had to use the letters CFV.  My tangles are cubes, field of flowers, and violetka.
     Well, there are a few papers to look at.  So I guess I shall head off now.  Have a wonderful week!
     Just realized the word for Every Inchie Monday was NOT dolphin this week but whale. Oh dear. So tomorrow I will post my picture of the whale and this post will have to be linked up at a later date to the site - oopsie!  Teacher needs to read more carefully, doesn't she?


  1. Wrong week, but a lovely dolphin. Love the tangle as well.

  2. Your dolphin is sweet. I hope you do get your wish some day! I like your other tile. It looks like an aerial view of a beautiful garden.

  3. love the dolphin and I am envious of your student as well! The tangles look cool, love how you made it look like a garden

  4. Cute! Just go with the thought that some dolphins are whales, or some such thing and all will be right with the world. Hope some little gremlins come along and take care of your housework so you can concentrate on the teaching. I thank you for your dedication to your profession. Cheryl

  5. love the way your dolphin seems to be smiling - as a former teacher I sympathize - I never did learn how to keep weekends free

  6. Two lovely pieces from you this week :-) the dolphin looks so happy too!



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