Thursday, December 31, 2015

Days 363, 364 and (drum roll) 365!!!!

     It is hard to believe this year is almost over.  Wow.  It has been an eventful year in so many ways.  I hope 2016 brings some changes for me.  It will hopefully if I can work it out financially be the year I get to retire.  I can hardly wait.  I love my class and I love teaching, but it has gotten so regimented and tiring.  At least at my school, hopefully not everywhere.
    Day 363 was an important day to me - I turned 61!  Yahoo!  Unfortunately I coughed my way into a new year.  It is this crazy weather, but I can't seem to shake this hacky cough.  Aargh!
    Finished some challenges - the first one was done for Made by Joey.  I spent the day playing a computer game (yes, perhaps, I should grow up).  Sitting and mindlessly playing a game with Ray allowed me a chance to be still and quiet and I do cough less that way.

     Day 364 and I worked on a Facebook challenge using the tangle trapt.  I love this tangle - it just keeps growing and growing.

     The last day of the year, day 365.  I am so happy that I have not missed one day of this Create a Day challenge.  I won't do it again.  It was too hard to keep my posts caught up.  I will still create something each day - that is just me.  I also won't miss any of my faovrite challenges.  I just won't have to do so many posts.  This tile was for day 365 and Diane Clancy's challenge - autumnal, fengle, fans, and migracurl.

    I hope you have a very safe and wonderful New Year's Eve!  Thanks to everyone who leaves me some sunshine - you make my day!!


  1. Well done. Happy New year to you. I have enjoyed your 365 day journey. By the way, the pace and regiment of education is not just there. It is here,too. I was lucky to have already retired.

  2. I have enjoyed all of these that you have posted this year. I am so proud of you for doing one a day. Congrats!!

  3. Happy belated birthday and Have a happy new year!

  4. Happy 2016 for you and I hope your dream comes true! Like you I have a nasty cold at the moment (since new years eve) and also like you I spent a lot of time playing computer games. But ..... why not????
    I like your tiles BTW.


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